Patent Granted for Innovative Steering.

Patent Certificate

We are proud to announce that Triple Tread® has been granted a patent for its innovative steering mechanism.

In an earlier blog dated December 2015. I wrote about our success winning an InnovateUK Innovation Voucher which enabled us to begin discussions with a patent attorney in order to submit our application. The patent attorney used our drawings and technical descriptions and wrote the application in the correct ‘legal patent speak’. This old blog date gives some indication as to the length of time taken for an application to pass the various rigorous submissions, searches, examinations, reports, responses and extra costs.

Now we can celebrate!

Trumpet Fanfare! Congratulations Triple Tread®


The trumpets are playing at Duke of York’s Pitch@Palace competition. More about that later. Read on…

The Certificate of Grant of Patent gives engineering credibility to the technology and adds great value to the business. We hope this patent will help attract investors leading to the manufacture of Triple Tread®

Our patent overcomes a problem shared by all tadpole (two front wheel) trikes including recumbants. Basic geometry makes the cycle frame lean the wrong way, away from,  rather than into the corner when steering. To overcome this issue, the Triple Tread® team created a new geometric shape, we call TiltrahedronTM. Our patent protects our steering innovation and could be licensed by other trike brands.

As well as including a patented technology, our design is also UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) compliant for tricycle racing. UCI compliance means it can be used at elite para-sport level. We believe the ability to lean when cornering at speed, in a similar way to a two wheel bicycle, could provide a competitive ‘marginal gain’ advantage.

In December we were proud to take part at a special event with some very special competitors called Superheroes Winter Wonderwheels. The event was held at London 2012 Olympic venue Eton Dorney. The winter theme is the reason behind the Father Christmas hats. The mild weather meant the snow was false.


The event was supported by a number of British Paralympic athletes. The image below shows Triple Tread® in action alongside Rio 2018 Para-athlete Gold medallist and UCI World record holder, Megan Giglia MBE.


We will be bringing Triple Tread® back to Eton Dorney this summer with a team for the Superheroes Triathlon event.

Maintaining compliance with UCI regulations also means that Triple Tread® incorporates many standard bicycle components and is the correct size for most standard accessories. Following success in the regional/ on-tour rounds of Pitch@Palace 8.0, I took Triple Tread® on a standard car bike rack to St. James Palace for the final of Pitch@Palace.


It was an honour to pitch at this prestigious venue. The Pitch@Palace platform has created a number of new prospects and connections in the Health and Life Sciences industry. We are busy exploring these opportunities and look forward to bring good news in a future post.


Our Patent has been granted for the new tricycle for our modern age.

Are you interested in investing in this newly patented trike?

Please contact Mark



Innovate2016 – Innovation and Investment Showcase

The advertisement for INNOVATE 2016 – The Global Spotlight On UK Innovation being held in Manchester and promoting opportunities for investment was perfect for the current stage of our business.


I expected to attend, as a delegate but was delighted to be offered the opportunity to apply for a showcase exhibitor space.

….and WE WON!

It was great to see TripleTread® as part of this platform featuring alongside some of the best of British innovative businesses and their products.  We are proud to be on the same platform as other prominent exhibitors who champion engineering, sports and cycling such as Ricardo, WilliamsF1 and Team Sky.


I have lost count of how many exhibitions I have attended and exhibited at throughout the world.  I used to look forward to meeting all the new interesting customers, building new partner relationships and reconnecting with exhibitor friends who followed similar exhibition circuits.  There were always interesting and interested visitors to the tradeshows with challenging and difficult technical questions.   At Innovate2016 I looked forward to meeting new customers, partners, investors and fellow innovators.  Exhibiting with TripleTread®, and our patented innovative three wheeled trike, I even looked forward to connecting with the odd ‘tire-kicker!’ 🙂

InnovateUK offered all those on the showcase exhibitor floor the opportunity to compete for a 60 second speed pitch in the Innovator Unveiled sessions as part of the main presentation theatre stage sessions.  We applied and again WE WON!


This scale of the physical inactivity problem we at TripleTread® are addressing is underestimated by many.  The presentation was the opportunity to explain how we understand how millions of people cannot get access to the physical and psycho-social quality of life benefits provided by cycling.

At innovate2016 we were very interested to attract investors.   We have recently secured SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) status by HMRC.  The scheme offers investors both personal income tax and capital gains tax relief.  Full details:

Our objective for InnovateUK was to attract a manufacture partnership or engineering corporate with a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy for manufacture or commercial collaboration.


We are very interested to speak with anybody or any company wishing to discuss this further.

Inclusive cycling opportunities for ALL

The Tour of Britain has been so special this year as stage 3 set off from our local village. To asked to be part of the welcome at the finish in Tatton Park was so exciting. Everyone showed great interest in TripleTread®.

Triple Tread - TOB finish line

Being part of their own particular cycling club and being involved in a cycling spectacular meant a lot to everyone. That positive identity is so important to us all. Cyclist were genuinely impressed with the technology, engineering and the fact that TripleTread® trike has many cycle components that they could connect with and truly understood the cycling issues we have overcome.

Triple Tread® is a trike that could take away the stigma that a tricycle will not be cool to ride. One mum that I chatted with told me how her son with Cerebral Palsy wants to feel like he fits in with his mates. She thought Triple Tread would make him feel good about riding and joining in cycle activities. Others were excited that finally they would be able to share their passion for cycling with their ‘wobbly’ family members or friends. The message that inclusion matters to us as individuals shone through yesterday’s event.

Please support us and lets make an impact together to give more choice to cyclists so that inclusive exercise can be enjoyed by everybody.

The Disabled Coffee

Standard Coffee

Most people will be able to buy a standard cup of coffee in a local coffee shop or café for £1 to £2.


Highstreet Coffee

You will also be able to buy the same type of coffee from a highstreet coffee shop or you could also buy something similar from a pub or restaurant. This coffee is available in many different styles and sizes and might cost typically about £3 – £5. The coffee can be enjoyed with family, friends and colleagues in a social or business environment. Imagine a situation where as someone disabled, becoming less able or a bit wobbly you are unable to enjoy a highstreet coffee safely without burning yourself or others. The only option is to buy a disabled coffee.


Disabled Coffee

This cup of coffee is made especially for the disabled. It has limited choice and is available only in special disabled coffee shops. It costs approximately £15 and is only served in a small selection of UGLY cups. Like many products for the disabled market; the cup is strong and heavy, its design is functional but looks grey, dull and boring. The disabled coffee is available as a takeaway so you could drink it with your family and friends where it would most likely be accommodated but your ugly cup will stand out from everyone else’s. £15 is clearly a lot of money but it’s a ‘NECESSARY purchase’. Non-disabled people think the price is OK but probably wouldn’t want to be seen using the ugly cup themselves. Special purchase solutions are available such as grants. Manufacturing costs, costs of ingredients, profit, margin and sales volumes of the disabled coffee help justify the £15 price tag for the shop owner. It must be noted that there are a small number of exceptionally well designed disabled coffee cups but these have an even higher price.


SupercoffeeConfident (to pour) and Cool!

It would be served in a special stylish and cool looking cup; a cup which is desirable to everyone and available everywhere. It has a premium price but still below £10 and is a ‘LIFESTYLE purchase’. It’s availability in the highstreet coffee shop and it’s desirability might mean that a mixed group of people may all choose to buy Supercoffee.


We want Triple Tread® trike to be the Supertrike – confident (to ride) and cool! Aesthetics is as important as function in our design philosophy. We are close to finalising our design and producing an innovative dynamic looking trike that offers the rider a new option to exercise inclusively. I’d like to see the trike available to purchase alongside standard bicycles and not look out of place. We believe that someone concerned about their strength and balance who is exploring potential solutions to maintain and improve their health and mobility might prefer to look in general cycle sale channels rather than from a disability store. We are all aging and need to keep active. We are exploring all investment options to enable production and achieve an availability price-point for all. We expect to enter the CrowdCube platform in September which will help fund our first production run.

Please share our posts and watch this space for more updates.

A Twisting and Turning Pathway to Cycle Manufacture

Since securing I.P. we have been busy seeking funding pathways to manufacture the Triple Tread trike.   It takes a great deal of hard work and dedication to put a bid together for any type of grant, which can be a very long process.  Our enthusiasm for getting this product to market keeps us motivated and we won’t be disheartened by this journey taking longer than anticipated.  We will keep learning by our experiences along the way.  When your business ethic is concerned with trying to make a positive difference to people’s lives then your daily tasks are worthwhile.

When we set up the company we were warned that a husband and wife partnership in business could be disastrous.  It makes me happy to see the joy that our venture is bringing to Mark and I think that we make a good team up to now.  He uses time management strategies to help manage his M.S. symptoms when working. We do have separate working zones though, so we have a little breathing space between us sometimes!

We are extremely pleased to have the support from a Professor of Clinical Exercise Physiology and we look forward to hopefully working together to conduct applied research to contribute to the improvement of healthcare interventions and services for people with a lack of balance, such as Multiple Sclerosis.

There has been particular interest from athletes at the British Cycling team who are keen to test how well the trike corners on the competitive event tracks. We have been enjoying supporting the achievements of the paracyclists and we wish them all good luck in the forthcoming events throughout the summer.


Reflection – MS Life 2014

Reflection – MS Life 2014


The public response to the Triple Tread was extremely positive and many people got involved in our market research. It was a joy to watch the immense pleasure that riding the trike gave to people. Their comments included: “I have not been on a bike for so many years – it feels great!” “I have never been able to ride a bike but I can do this – when can I buy one?” “I love the look of it – It’s like a real bike not a boring tricycle.” Friends and family were taking photos of their loved ones riding the trike. They were so happy for them and their achievements and it became obvious to us how overwhelming it was for those that had not been able to ride a bike since their MS symptoms had denied them this pleasure.

We had hoped that people would appreciate a different form of trike, but we certainly didn’t anticipate such an emotional response. It was a proud moment for Mark especially to share his journey with fellow MSers and to also share in their excitement about the Triple Tread coming to market. It was special to be able to meet and chat with our supporters that have been following us on twitter and facebook and we are very grateful to them.

The atmosphere at the MS Life show was welcoming, warm and inviting. People were able to sit and chat about their experiences with us at our stand. We enjoyed sharing information about the trike with everybody and meeting others with the same needs to be as independent as they can be. People of all ages were keen to have a go from 7 to 70 years young! We made connections with people from around the world, from Ireland to Dubai! They were keen to help us promote this product far and wide.


From Cassowary to Triple Tread Trike

The development of the trike has taken different turns including a name change. Following the results of market research the Cassowary became the Triple Tread Trike.  Cassowary seemed appropriate because of its distinctive features. The large, spongy crest protrudes from the top of its head making it look so different from other birds. The trike is also distinctive in its look and capabilities compared to other tricycles on the market today. The name Triple Tread however has derived from the configuration of its wheels and we are pleased with the decision to make the change.

We feel very proud and honoured to have the talented artist, animator and author Angie Taylor to design the logo for Triple Tread. She is very well respected in the media industry and in my opinion the most creative. The logo design is not literal and instead it plays with bold, strong shapes to portray the message so cleverly. The use of the tetrahedron represents the cyclist in motion on the trike. I particularly like the molecular geometric shape as it demonstrates the stability, freshness and excitement of the prospect of riding a unique tricycle that we have developed for extraordinary people.  

The Triple Tread Trike will be launched at MS Life.